Thursday, June 14, 2012

Craft night

Last night, i just thought that rocking horse could be a nice wire sun catcher. So i made a quick sketch. 
That was the easy part.
 Bending the wire was bit of a challenge. But oh the joy of picking the beads and deciding where exactly to put them!

And this is the final result. Isn't this rocking horse cute?

I made this special rainbow tulip for my friend, so i had to make one for me. :)

Just in case you were wondering what is it exactly for, it is an earring holder. 

And because two people already suggested it would be a great piece of jewelry, i made a necklace too. Just to try it out. And i think there will be a new line of jewelry made from rigid black wire. Wire is coated with beeswax, so it wouldn't rust over time.

Some people create in the morning, some have crafternoons and my favorites are craft nights.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here comes the sun, summer, color and fun!

New jewelry with summer feeling in the store.  More to come soon.